What is the Specialty of the Solar Panels for In-ground Pools?

The in-ground swimming pools are building inside the home so people think that heating the in-ground pool water is easy with a gas heating system and it cannot be done with a solar heating system which is totally a wrong thought.

It is possible to use the solar heat panel systems for the in-ground pools by using sandwich solar collectors which makes your solar panels much more efficient at transferring the solar energy than the previous open solar power collector type.

Unglazed sandwich solar collectors are designed as integral collector storage or are collectors as the design of the channels may allow for a large volume of water to be stored within them by adding to the structural weight if the roof is mounted.

Their high flow rates and low system pressure permits for a maximum transfer of heat whereas reducing the excess strain on the pump. The sandwich solar pool heaters can also be used in the reverse at night to cool the pool water temperature.

The unglazed solar collectors are the type of solar pool heating collectors which are simple and inexpensive with many different types of unglazed solar thermal collectors present specially designed for use as swimming pool heaters.

The sandwich solar thermal collectors above also belong to the unglazed collector family.  The unglazed solar heating

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systems typically consist of many numbers of smooth or ribbed tubes with 6 mm length which is running on the length of the collector.

These tubes are either straight in a parallel configuration or it is one single continuous tube laid out in a curvy serpentine configuration. These heat absorbing riser tubes feed into much larger diameter top and bottom manifold pipes. A serpentine tube configuration avoids the possibility of manifold leaks that producing a more uniform flow.

The unglazed solar collectors are very similar in design to standard flat panel collectors and their design is characterized by the lack of transparent glass or polycarbonate cover and thermal insulation.

This is due to the collector is heating a pool to the same ambient temperature surrounding the pool and it has a small amount or no thermal loss, hence it does not need to be insulated.

Then the water temperature is generated by an unglazed solar pool collector which is dependent on the outside air temperature so it does not work efficiently unless the ambient temperature is higher than the swimming pool temperature level.

If you want to heat the pool at a higher temperature it becomes more important to insulate the solar collector otherwise the convection losses will be unacceptably very high. Due to the unglazed pool collectors have no glass cover. The solar absorber often operates with a higher efficiency than the glazed collectors. This is because of the fact that the transparent glass cover can block or reflect as much as 20% of the incoming solar radiation than under certain conditions which they can operate with efficiency than standard glazed hot water collectors.