What are Pool Solar Panels?

The pool solar panels are one of the most effective ways to use the solar energy in present scenario. Most of the swimming pools require some form of pool heating system either to increase the pool water temperature during the spring and autumn seasons or help to maintain a constant water temperature on whole the summer season when the pool is used the most.

Normally the recreational and garden swimming pools only need a low-temperature heat which is where non-concentrating solar flat plate collectors are at their most efficient way. Solar felt plate collectors will capture the free energy from the sun which can then be used to heat the water in the swimming pool by providing an economical alternative to an expensive conventional gas to electrical pool heaters.

Once you install a solar pool heating system on your pools, then the normal swimming pool can be increased by up to four months a year just by using the heat energy from the sun. There are many types of solar pool heating systems available on the market which varies based on the pool design, location but the basic principle is same for all swimming pools.

The swimming pool water is circulated via a flat panel solar collector normally mounted on a roof or next to the pool which is heated by the suns solar energy and it was absorbed by the water flowing over or via it before the heated water is returned back to pool.

The swimming pool heating systems does need to separate the water storage tank since the pool itself severs as the storage tank and in most of the cases, the pools filtration pump can be used to circulate the swimming pool water via the solar panels and making it an active system with a forced circulation.

The comfortable swimming water temperature is comparatively low than all other users of hot water like baths and showers. The flat panel solar collectors are most efficient at low temperatures and therefore they will well suited for the pool heating were a high volume of water has to heated a few degree above than the ambient temperature level rather than to heat a smaller quantity as too much higher temperatures.

A well designed solar heating system can gently raise the poll temperature by at least 5 to 10 degree Celsius above than normal temperature of water by maintaining comfortable swimming temperatures on each time the water process via the solar collector.

Normally at the summer months, the sun solar energy is at its strongest stage and no pool heating is needed and swimming in the pool should, therefore, be refreshing and comfortable when the ambient temperature and the suns strength are at their highest position. So heating the pool water to a high temperature as possible may not be desirable.

This means that high-temperature levels are not required. The solar pool heating system can be used to cool the swimming as well as heat it.