How to Repairing your Pool Solar Panels

Whatever the brand would be, Fafco, Heliocol, or Aquatherm brand solar pool heater. You would need a repair sometime or anytime. When the situation arrives you may need a replacement even. But how would you confirm it whether there is a need to repair or replace?

Any major brand, including the iSwim solar pool heaters, comes with a warranty of 12 years. The original owner of the product manufacturer warranties the product.  As a result of this warranty, its quiet nature of the customer to expect the product to last long.

With these expectations in mind, you may not be ready to replace until the warranty exceeds 12 years. With that thought on one side, you may also have a wavering on the other side. If it is the right time to replace your system before the warranty period. By the time, you will identify the solar panel repair involve the non-warranty issues too. These do not bear the manufacturer defects. In spite of non-warranty issues becoming costly, you may opt for a new system with a new warranty.

Major reasons behind replacements

The solar pool heater is falling down. The same time the plumbing works are also very bad.  Hence there occurs a need for replacement.

The main reason behind the repairing and replacement could be a minor leak in the product. Solar pool heating panel leaks repair is easy. Even the top-end brand models have the tube leaks. This leak is very common and can be repaired quickly but it is cost effective. If the leaks found in the header pipe of an individual panel, it will need panel replacement.

PVC pipe plumbing leaks could also be a reason for repair. PVC pipe repair is easy. They are inexpensive and the leaks often occur at joints. In case of special repairs with black pipe, you will need warping and sagging. It needed for even burst pipes caused by stagnating water from improper drainage.

Few leaks will lead to roof damage; this is the result of improper installation technique. It is advisable to replace the panel before the damage becomes serious. PVC pipe or panel couplings damaging deep into the roof surfaces is a serious issue.  This may even be protected with exclusive roof protection system.

Sub-par installation is due to the failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation method. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation can lead to catastrophic panel failure. If this fails, replacement is the only option. The root cause for this could be lack of proper substrate or racking systems under panels that need it.

The entire system evaluated when the system needs a repair or replacement. Leaks that occur due to plugging leads to leaks in other areas too. Whereas Chasing leaks is frustrating and annoying. A visual inspection is necessary. An inspection should undergo how it installed, the type and age of the panels, and other clues. Only a visual inspection will help the recommendation to repair or replace.

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