How to Install Swimming Pool Solar Panels?

We all know that heating pool water is an expensive process but when you go for using solar panels on your pool you can reduce the cost of maintaining your swimming pool heaters. Using an unglazed plastic solar panel can e a relatively easy and low-cost project which you can make it on your home itself.

Even though these black plastic solar panels are less efficient per square foot than high-cost, high-efficiency solar panels they may need less energy to manufacture and transport than all panel using steel, aluminum, glass or copper.

Solar Install panels1-Engineering students help install solar grid systems at houses in Desert Hot Springs during their Spring Break. March 24, 2015

Before you begin to use the swimming pool solar heat panels, you need to consider your climate and reduce you expectations about solar panels. Night time temperatures lead to undo daytime gains even during the sunny weather climates.

A pool blanket is totally essential at the night time as this is when the majority of heat loss takes place when the air temperature is much cooler than the normal water level. An underground swimming pool will lose heat faster than an above ground swimming pool as the ground areas is below 3 inches is most of the areas is cold even during the summer season.

In most of the cases, the plastic solar heat panels will increase your comfort at the time of normal swimming season however they are not likely to increase the length of the swimming season unless you supplement with a gas heating system.

Now install a 3-way pool valve after the pump and filter:

Proper pool valves are not cheap in cost but they never black the return the flow and it can be adjusted to direct all, part or no water via the panels. You need to consider a swimming pool valve which will accept an automatic valve controller if you may want to later control the valve from another location or with a clock. So that water can be directed to the panels or to the pools by passing the panels.

Install at pipe fitting near the 3 way valve in the same return line on the poolside:

Water returning from the solar panels wills renter the return line below the valve. Water is then free to return from the panels to the pool. It is helpful for winterizing the system in the future to buy the valves which have unions so that you can open and drain the system.

Maintain the same pipe size as the return pipe for the 2 lines to and from the solar panel location:

If the panels will e installed on the roof, the plastic conduit pipe hangers will hold the pipe securely to the walls and the eave.

At the roof edge, you can install a union fitting on each pipe to make it easy to remove the solar panels seasonally or for wind season or to replace the roofing and you can consider burying the rigid pool pipes to keep your yard looking neat.